Performance Enhancement 360 (PE360)

Setup Quicklinks - Principal Version
(for Principals, School Consultants and Survey Coordinators)

Survey Start
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Online Survey Request Form – Please use this online form for entering all the detailed information necessary to set up an appraisal for a particular principal. Submit this online form to get the process started.
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Develop Mailing Lists for the Response Groups (optional) - Please use the approved BCE Principal Appraisal Excel File. Then send it to Ardjuna with information on which report it relates to.
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Monitor Survey
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Review Response Rates – Please use this web page to access up-to-date information about response rates (by response group) for each of the active online surveys.
Ref 2 will generate the report - after the nominated closing date (please allow 3-7 days for the draft report to be generated) and contact the survey liaison officer associated with the survey.
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Sample Invitation to Participate and Reminder Emails (optional) – Please use this web page to access samples of the invitation to participate and reminder emails that are sent to members of the various response groups.
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Assurance of Anonymity (optional) – Please use this web page to access forms that participants can use to communicate any concerns about anonymity.
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Sample Question Banks (optional) – Please use this web page to review the various question banks that have already been established. Before going through the effort of developing a new question bank, we suggest that you review existing question banks to determine whether you can use an existing question bank (with or without revisions). To make a new Question Bank available please go to the general weblinks page here.