Well done!
You found the secret gossip on Vizby!
Special info and pictures on this amazing dog here.

Vizby at a photoshoot.

Things you would know:
   Vizby is an Hungarian Vizsla.
   Vizby lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Things you might not know:
   Vizby's friends in the book are real!
   Hedges is a close friend of Vizby's (he's also a Vizsla). They love to play together.
   Andy is a new friend (also a Vizsla). They are still learning about each other.
   Vizby travels a lot each week to fun locations so she can live a varied and interesting life.

Vizby with Hedges (Just look at those ears!).

Hedges is cold.

Vizby and Hedges and the Kangaroos.

Vizby and Hedges in the morning mist at Cambridge Plateau, NSW.

Vizby looking into your soul.

More tidbits coming soon.



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