Personal Leadership Profile 360 (PLP360)

Information relating to the PLP

This is a professional development activity. The system allows individuals to provide and receive feedback relating to leadership activities. You are required to rate the extent to which you agree with the statements. If you are filling this in on yourself please answer the questions as they relate to you.

The aim of this activity is to share constructive feedback and to reflect on various points of view. Please keep your contributions constructive and in an air of professional development.

This process can be run as either a self assessment only or as a 360 style review. If it is a 360 review requesting responses from a range of different respondees on a person then to encourage greater anonymity, 360 reports will contain data under general groupings (e.g., Self, Supervisor, Peers, Direct Reports, Other Staff). It should be noted, by nature of the 360 reporting process, that ratings and responses from self and supervisors will be identifiable by the structure of the report. Names of supervisors will not be listed but it is anticipated that they will be known to individuals receiving the reports. Results from Peers, Direct Reports and Other Staff will only be presented if a minimum number of respondents in each category provide submissions, this is to ensure anonymity is maintained. Where responses from peers and other staff do not meet the required minimum number they may be collapsed into a single grouping to provide greater anonymity or the report will not be generated until the minimum number of responses are received.

Please note that your comments to any open-ended questions will be passed on "as is". If you are concerned about being identified by your comments the use of unique phrases or words that could identify you should be avoided. If you feel you might be identified by your comments and have concerns about this then please feel free to skip such questions. Any comments that identify harassment or unethical behaviour will be forwarded to the project management team for follow up, especially where contact details of that particular person are provided within the body of the submission, this is a legal requirement.

Respondees can contact Ardjuna with any queries.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact Ardjuna. There is no need to give your name.


How to complete the questionnaire

  • Please allow time (normally less than 15 seconds) for the survey to download fully (time will vary depending on your connection to the internet). Please try to complete all questions. Where a question asks for an option to be selected, please select one only.
  • Please follow the instructions on the survey page to complete the survey. You can make any number of submissions you like using your login details but only the last survey you submit will be incorporated into the data analysis and report.
  • The survey needs to be completed in a single session/sitting. If the response options do not exactly describe your view, please choose the closest response.
  • When you are ready to submit your responses please press the SUBMIT button located at the bottom of the survey page at which point you will be notified of successful submission (this may take a minute, again depending on your connection to the internet). If you don't click the submit survey button the information will not be submitted and will be lost if you navigate away from the survey page.
  • There is no option to review your responses after you have submitted so please check your responses before submitting the survey. Note: you can resubmit a survey if you wish to change your responses (please note: you will need to complete all sections of the survey on resubmission).
  • The survey is being conducted by Simons & Associates Pty Ltd (incorporating Ardjuna). The survey is designed for Internet Explorer though it can be viewed and answered via other browsers. This survey requires browser cookies to be activated in order to access it. If your browser security level is set too high it will not allow use of this survey - in such an instance you can access a cookie free version of the survey here.

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